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Thanks to Shopping Assistant you will not forget anything

Scan the products you have chosen, and the Shopping Assistant will display all important information you should be familiar with.

The Shopping Assistant will help you with shopping

They can be basic product parameters such as color, size, dimensions or description as well as more detailed information related to nutrients, energy consumption or what accessories are in the package. The application can also display the operation manual, recipe for a delicious dish the ingredient of which is a particular product, or even a three-dimensional presentation of product without taking it out of the package thanks to the technology of augmented reality.

Shopping will never be the same again

In the stores selected, the Shopping Assistant will also inform you about the quantity of products available in stock, and other versions, colors or available sizes. You do not have to look for or wait for the assistant any longer ( who is never around) to ask him about the parameters of product or check whether it is available in a different color or size. We sometimes happen to come back to the store to buy the products we forgot. You will avoid such situation thanks to the Shopping Assistant, which will tell you what else you may need. Due to the combination of application with community services, you will share the attractive offer with your friends in an easy way and you can ask their opinion about the product chosen.

The application is available at::

How does it work?

The Shopping Assistant is built on the basis of thousands of products in the stores utilizing this instrument.

The products, which are in the application base include parameters provided by manufacturers, information about their use, operation manuals and all the information, which the assistant or manufacturer wish to pass on to the customer.

You will check the actual stock of product pieces in the store or whether they are available in a different size or color.

By scanning the product or its code, you will receive access to the information base discovering a new meaning of shopping.

Text information, photos and video are available through which you can get the information about the product without having to look for the shop assistant or ask him awkward questions.

Combining your Facebook account with the Shopping Assistant application you will share the attractive offer with your friends in the community network or you can ask their opinion about the product chosen.

The application suggests products, which you may still be interested in, and which you could not find in the store.

Integration with Facebook

The application allows you to run in anonymous mode or log in using the Facebook account, so that you can connect your user`s account to the community service. Logging through Facebook is recommended, due to which the application will be able to adapt the products suggested and the advertisements for the user in a better way. In the application settings you will be able to specify your preferences, which will help the Shopping Assistant to get to know you better. You will also have the opportunity to share the information with your friends about interesting product offers, and you will know the opinion of your friends about a particular product, which can help you practically to take the decision about the purchase.

Scanning products – QR codes

QR code is the simplest method of finding the product in the Shopping Assistant.

Scan the codes, the information is waiting!

The application is equipped with the code scanner (see how QR code works), so if you see the label in the store or the poster advertising a particular product in the Shopping Assistant, it is enough that in the application activated you will switch on the scanner function and direct the device onto the QR code. The code read out correctly will activate the information page of product in the application, where you will find all the information provided by the assistant.


If you wish to test the Shopping Assistant without the installation of dedicated application, the QR code can be scanned using an ordinary scanner of QR codes, which will open the information page of product in the web browser. The functionality of Shopping Assistant is then limited only to the display of information. That is why the installation of dedicated Shopping Assistant application for telephones with iOS or Android systems is recommended.


It will also be possible to scan chosen products by means of bar codes placed on the package by the manufacturer. Such products, however will be marked with an additional label or poster with the logotype of Shopping Assistant.

What are QR codes?

For the human eye the model of QR code is an incoherent tangle of squares. In order to read out this complicated image you need:

The mobile phone with camera, software with scanning and interpretation functions of QR codes. The first step is to launch the application and photograph the code, and then the software will read out the information included in it and will redirect to the website required or will display data – for instance the e-card. This means fast and convenient access to the information without having to search for it manually!

The name of QR code technology derives from the abbreviation of the name Quick Response. The QR codes allow for a rapid transition into the website or the preservation of data encoded in the code using your mobile phone. The mobile phone must be equipped with camera and software, which make it possible to use camera as scanner. The QR codes have been used in the labeling of products, shipments, parts of machines and many other elements since 1994.

Products in 3D – augmented reality

Explore technologies of the future today! Watch a video demonstration of augmented reality technology

Specially labeled products with the information about the presentation available in the augmented reality will provide the customers with unusual functionality in 3D. Our technology allows you to display a three-dimensional product without the necessity to take it out of package. You will be able to see the product from each side, zoom in and out three-dimensional image, and everything will be displayed on the screen of your telephone. Install the application without delay and search in the stores for products marked with the technology of augmented reality of Shopping Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What must I do to use the application? Simply visit the App Store or Google Play and download the application to your device.

Is the application free? Yes, all functionalities are available to users completely free of charge.

Do I need internet connection to use the application? Yes, the application must be connected to internet to function fully.

Can I buy the product using the application? No, the application does not allow purchases but provides additional information about the product.

Does the store get access to my data in the phone when using the application and scanning products? No, access to your phone is not necessary for the application to operate correctly.