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The Shopping Assistant will increase the sales in your store!

The Shopping Assistant mobile application joins products into categories according to the method they are used.

Increase the sales through the mobile Shopping Assistant

By scanning the product, the consumer will receive the information important to him and other products recommended. This is a real sales support in your store, and the products recommended are profiled individually for each user. Thus all shopping is done in your store while supporting the sale of other items. The combination of application with community services gives the opportunity of further promotion of your store among the consumer`s friends.

The most important functionalities

Get acquainted with the offer for business customers from the Shopping Assistant.

  • Your store in the Shopping Assistant

    The most important parameters and information about the product, video demonstrations, operation manuals, useful accessories. The Shopping Assistant will present all the information which will help to take a wise decision when buying the product.
  • A friendly system of product management.

    On opening a business account you receive a friendly instrument, which makes it possible to manage products visible in the Shopping Assistant. Using it, you will pass a valuable information to the buyers, which will help to take the decision about buying the product in your store.
  • Presentation of product in 3D

    utilizing the technology of augmented reality in order to present the customers the product in an interesting and modern way. After directing the camera onto the product, the customer will see a three-dimensional object on the phone screen, which he can look at from each side not having to take it out of the package. The interest of customers in products labeled with the technology of augmented reality of the Shopping Assistant will certainly increase the sale of product.
  • Inventory in the warehouse

    Provide your customers with the information about the current number of products available in the store. It will save you time looking for products, and the regular watch over the warehouse inventory and the right processing of orders will allow you to keep the product on sale all the time.
  • Products often used together with the chosen one.

    The application recommends what else is worth putting into the basket so that the chosen merchandise will give the greatest satisfaction. The Shopping Assistant not only recommends the products which are commonly used, but also the chosen ones on the basis of activity in community networks and settings specified by the user due to which the products recommended are able to increase the sales efficiently in your store.

How does it work?

Open the business account and get access to the panel of product management.

Create brands (manufacturers) of products offered in your store. You can skip this step. However, the more information you will provide about the product to the buyers the better.

Add the product which will appear in the Shopping Assistant. Enter all the important data, which you wish to present to the buyers. You can define any number of parameters specifying the product. Your products will be recommended to buyers in a more precise way.

When you add a product to select from an extensive list of categories , the one that best correspond to the product . You can also specify features allowing to customize the product, so that your products will be accurately recommended buyer.

Mark the products promoted in the Shopping Assistant clearly with special labels, posters or suspenders, which will encourage the buyers to take smartphones and check the information about the product.

In the panel you have access to statistics showing the number of displays of your products due to which you will be able to choose products which are of most interest to buyers more exactly.

If you are set on effective advertising campaign of your products, use the functionality of augmented reality, which will allow the buyers to see a three-dimensional model of product. This form of promotion will certainly attract the curious customers.

Enjoy the increase of sales with the Shopping Assistant!

The mobile market will go on developing

Experts predict that in the immediate future we can expect an intensive development of mobile services of all kinds such as applications or m-commerce.

The best from both worlds

The application of Shopping Assistant makes it possible to combine the communication in the store with the expanded information offered in the phones of buyers. Using scanners of codes and the so-called augmented reality, the customers can directly gain access to many pieces of useful information on goods being bought.

The information about the application of product, operation manuals, promotions, suggestions about other useful products with the chosen one, the opportunity to see promotion films are only basic functionalities the application offers.
The application combines the visit of consumer in the store with his community world. Due to solutions used in the application, the consumer can recommend favourite products to his friends and due to their recommendations improve his list of purchases discovering in this way new horizons. Also the information about promotions conducted in the store is available to the users of Shopping Assistant application increasing their interest and thus the effectiveness of promotion.

Intelligent and advanced solutions have been implemented to increase a positive experience while doing shopping, but first of all, to increase the number of products bought by consumer during his single visit to the store. Most research shows that even if the customers make use of the shopping list they often forget the products they were planning to buy. The Shopping Assistant combines the products in a logical way – according to their use making sure that you come back home with all the goods you wished to buy.

Mobile in the shopping center

The information provided in the store and through mobile applications supplement the information searched by the customer when he does shopping. The shopping combining the world of shop with mobile solutions make it possible to compare products, get the information about the method of using the product or suitable accessories to the item chosen. Additionally, the mobile application can provide the information about the availability of product, being with the consumer everywhere he is, improves his chances of interaction and last of all of the purchase of product.

At present comfort is a key aspect of all shopping. An important factor is also the utilization of new technologies. The following step is that the shopping with modern instruments should become a key factor to each retail business. So the report says. The retailers must “mobilize” their shop in the mind of their customers, becoming an integral part of daily life of phone users – CIFS-Ericsson Consumer Lab reports.

*On the basis of conclusions drawn by the members of CIFS “Report n⁰ 4 2012 plus research carried out in the representative group of 1500 users of Internet aged 15 and more in the United States.

The mobile market will expand

The number of applications installed in smartphones increases steadily. In comparison to last year the percentage of the users of smartphones has increased considerably, the users who have 10 to 20 and 20 to 50 applications on their devices. However, the percentage of persons who installed up to 10 applications have decreased or use only the ones, which were installed on their smartphones* in the factory.

Development of technology

Mobility develops human capabilities all the time, enabling new experience and creating for us something of a digital sixth sense. We move the possibility lines in the scope of mobile technologies, introducing the vision of digital sixth sense to reality – being the driving force of progress in such areas as augmented reality and the context consciousness, which blurs the line between digital and real world. Zbigniew Kostrzewski Country Manager Qualcomm Polska*.

*Report “Generation Mobile 2013”

Price List

Are you curious about how much it costs? Check the costs for using from the Shopping Assistant below.

Charge for opening business account –starter

This is a one-time charge for opening a new account of business customer. The charge entitles you to a full access and functionality of service and access to the plug enabling the integration of service with the sale system Insert or Optima.

The cost is Cost of PLN 1


Monthly subscription

The charge is levied monthly on each active business account. It entitles you use the service and to 10 products in the system free of charge.

The cost is Cost of PLN 8


The customer can activate and deactivate the account any time, if he wishes to stop the promotion of products in the shopping Assistant temporarily. The charge however is levies for a full calendar month.

Charge for each active product

Each subsequent active product (exceeding 10 free of charge in the subscription) in a particular month involves the charge.

PLN 1 monthly


The customer can activate or deactivate individual products if he wishes to stop their promotion in the shopping Assistant temporarily. However, the charge is levied for a full calendar month.

Charge for 3D item in augmented reality technology.

Charge for active functionality of the visualization of 3D product in augmented reality technology in a particular month.

PLN 1000 monthly

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Integration with the sale system

The Shopping Assistant can inform your customers about the current quantity of available products.

You always know where to find the desired commodity

This is a convenient solution due to which you will not have to check whether the commodity is still at the back or search for it in the computer base. The buyer will check himself on the screen of his phone whether the commodity is available in the quantity he needs. He will be able to check on his own whether there is a different size or color of the product desired. But if you hace a chain of shops, he will find out whether the product is available in other branches of network, which will increase the sales in the whole chain of shops. The integration with your sales system is fully safe and reads out only the information about the current quantity of product and its price, which gives you a guarantee that your system base is completely safe and nothing will be deleted in it. At present the Shopping Assistant cooperates with two sales systems –Insert and Optima, but all the time we are working on the integration of other systems. If you use another system and you are interested in the integration please contact us.

Would you like to insert your advertisement in the mobile application or in the web service of Shopping Assistant?

We have two areas designed for the publication of advertising: banner in billboard format placed at the top of website (relates exclusively to the service displayed in the internet browser) and banner in 300x70px format displayed in mobile applications and in web service as well. If you are interested in the publication of your advertising in the Shopping Assistant please contact us by e-mail.