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Today shopping is a multimedia adventure with the utilization of modern technology on your smartphone

The increase in the number of smartphone users makes it possible for brand companies to provide a unique experience to their consumers also in traditional stores. The combination of traditional and electronic communication allows for contact with customers in a natural way utilizing new technologies.

The application is available at:

Find out what the Shopping Assistant is

Explore the most important features of this application

  • How does it work?

    The Assistant is built on the basis of thousands of products in the stores with the utilization of this instrument.

    Full information about products, photos, video demonstrations, operation manuals. The Shopping Assistant provides all the information, which makes it possible to take a wise decision on the purchase of product.

  • Benefits

    Through the innovative “augmented reality” technology, the application shows how to use the product, and on the basis of activity in the Facebook account, additional products are recommended and other related ones to the one being watched.

    Everything is available via your smartphone, which is always at your hand.

  • FAQ

    You still have doubts? Check out more in the relevant customer or business section or simply install the Shopping Assistant application on your smartphone and see for yourself how it works.

    Search for products marked with the logo of Shopping Assistant in the stores.

    The use of application is completely free of charge!


The Shopping Assistant shall increase the sales in your store!

  • The mobile Shopping Assistant application puts products in categories according to the way they are used.
  • Scanning the product, the consumer shall receive all the information which is important to him as well as other products recommended to him.
  • This is a real sales support in your store, and the products recommended are profiled individually for each user.
  • Thanks to it, the Shopping Assistant does all the shopping in your store and promotes the sales of other items.
  • The combination of application with community services gives the opportunity to promote your store among your friends and the consumer.
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Thanks to the Shopping Assistant you will not forget anything

  • Scanning the products of your interest using your telephone, the Shopping Assistant shall display all important information that you should know about the product.
  • You need not look for the assistant (who is never around) to find out more about the parameters of products or check whether it is available in a different color or size.
  • Sometimes we happen to return to the store to buy products we forgot. You will avoid this situation having the Shopping Assistant, which will tell you what else you may need.
  • Due to the combination of application with community services you will share the attractive offer with your friends easily and can ask their opinion about the product chosen.
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