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CBD Oil: The new wonder cure?

CBD Oil is a very popular, biological and natural supplement that can be used for various disorders and ailments.

However, there is a lot of difference in quality, here at ShoppingSmart we recommend the following.

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Buy CBD Oil In Europe

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Buy CBD Oil In The Netherlands And Belgium

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What is CBD Oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) comes from the Cannabis plant. It is one of the most important substances that occurs in this plant.

CBD, unlike THC, has no psychoactive effect. You will not be high or stoned and it is perfectly legal to use.

How CBD Works

CBD oil has a mild relaxing effect.

It is not addictive and has no side effects.

According to the legislation no claims can be made about the use of CBD Oil.

CBD oil products

There is a choice of CBD Oil in various strengths, such as 5% and 2.75%, CBD Oil Spray (water soluble), CBD 10% and 5% capsules and various care products with CBD oil including skin oil, cream and soap.

Buy CBD oil online

Order your CBD oil easily online.


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You would like to buy CBD oil but you have no idea where to start your search?

That is something we hear every day.

The internet is full of information about CBD but it is often so complicated that Jan with the cap understands absolutely nothing about it.

We would like to change that and will briefly describe below what you should pay attention to when buying CBD oil.

Difference CBD oil and weed oil

You may have already discovered that other terms such as cannabis oil, cannabis oil and THC oil are used in addition to CBD oil.

Is that the same?

The answer to this is no.

The big difference between CBD oil (or hemp oil) and the other is that the latter also contains the substance THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

This is the substance that ensures that people become high. In CBD oil, this substance is minimal (less than 0.2%), but the CBD content is a lot higher.

By using CBD oil, getting high is impossible.

Legality of CBD oil

CBD oil is completely legal in the Netherlands because it is not on the Opium list because of the negligible percentage THC present in the oil.

However, buying THC oil is not legally possible in the Netherlands because of the high dose of THC.

What strength CBD Oil to use?

The strengths of CBD oil vary from 2.5% to 18%.

This is the concentration of the number of milligrams of CBD (Cannabidiol) in the oil.

For truly high percentages (18%) you can still opt for the CBD oil RAW 18% from Medihemp.

  • Children, pets and very light concentration: 2.5% – 2.75%
  • Light to medium concentration: 5% – 6%
  • Medium to heavy concentration: 10%
  • Very heavy concentration: 15% – 18%


A frequently asked question is ‘how much CBD should I take?’

Unfortunately there is no clear answer to this. The effect of CBD differs from person to person.

We recommend starting with a low dose and gradually increasing the dose.

How to take

Our advice is: drop the oil directly under the tongue with the supplied pipette.

As a result, it is quickly absorbed by the mucous membranes. You can also dissolve the drops in water or dilute with fruit juice.

See also our CBD manual for more information.

In short, when you buy CBD oil it is important to keep you well informed, because you want a good quality oil like that of Medihemp, Jacoy Hooy or Cibdol.

You also want to be sure that you are not buying a wrong concentration of CBD oil.

Do you want to buy cannabis oil?

Remember that the sale is punishable and that it can therefore not be regulated.

You never know what you are buying.

Making cannabis oil yourself is possible and you can read all about it in the book: Healing hemp by Wernard Bruining.


CBD oil manual

How do you use CBD? has a wide range of CBD products.

After you have made the choice to purchase CBD, the next step is: choosing the right CBD product.

One of those factors that can influence this choice process is how each product should be used.


To ensure that the ingredients of CBD are absorbed into your blood as quickly as possible, you can drip the oil under your tongue.

Let it rest there for 30 seconds and then swallow it with a glass of water.

Some people do not like the bitter taste of the oil, it is then an option to mix the oil by eating or drinking.

CBD paste manual

Just like the oil, the paste is best placed under the tongue.

Leave it here for at least 60 seconds before you swallow it away.

It is also possible to mix the paste in a glass of water.

CBD capsule manual

The capsules from Medihemp or Endoca are ideal for people who find the taste of the oil and pasta uncomfortable.

Because of the capsule, the taste of the CBD is not in the mouth, but the oil only comes free in the stomach.

The capsules are also suitable for people on the move.

The capsule is easiest to take with a large glass of water.

Manual cream with CBD

The CBD cream or ointment from Jacob Hooy or Hemptouch is for external use and can be lubricated directly on the skin.

The ointment can also be used during a massage.

Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil can be taken orally or be applied to the skin.

The oil absorbs well. The hemp seed oil can also be used as a massage oil.

Skin oil with cannabidiol instructions

CBD skin oil, such as that of Jacob Hooy, can be used directly on the skin.

In addition, the skin oil can also serve as a massage oil.

E-liquid with CBD – Instructions for use

E-liquid is a liquid that is suitable for the electric cigarette.

The evaporator is heated when the e-cigarette is on, as a result of this heating the CBD e-liquid is converted into vapor.

The vapor is then inhaled with the aid of the cigarette. The e-liquid can be used for most electronic cigarettes and vaporizer pens.

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD does not contain any psychoactive substances, as a result of which people do not have a high feeling.

Often the confusion with weed remains.

However, we would like to emphasize again that CBD is not a drug and therefore not a weed.

Because of this misunderstanding CBD is unfortunately often used far too short. After trying for a few days, the bottle is often put away in the cupboard again.

That is a huge sin, because CBD needs a build-up time.

Always try the product for at least two weeks before you give up hope.

Keep the oil cool and dark. It is best to keep the oil in the refrigerator.

CBD oil experiences

Every day we receive many positive messages about the use of CBD oil.

Unfortunately, however, publishing these experiences is often in violation of articles 1 paragraph 1 sub b and 84 of the Medicines Act.

CBD is currently a nutritional supplement and therefore we are often not allowed to place the experiences that you so massively submit.

Fortunately, the internet is full of testimonies, so even though we are not allowed to place them anymore, you can still find them massively.

Nevertheless, we would like to hear from you.

That is why I invite you to share your experience with our website and service. You are also free to tell us about the use of the product as long as you do not use any medical claims.

acheter huile de cbdCannabis and Hemp

You have come to this page because you are looking for information about CBD oil or you want to buy this oil.
The internet is full of it, however, we know from experience that the information about CBD oil can be very confusing because many websites provide a flood of information but ultimately are not very informative or very difficult.
We want to explain on this website in Jip and Janneke language what CBD is so that you do not have to go further on your search for answers.

What is the difference between hemp and cannabis?

It is first important to distinguish between hemp and cannabis. Many people think that this is the same, but that is not the case. Cannabis (or marijuana) comes from the cannabis sativa plant that is grown for its resinous glands called ‘trichomes’.

These trichomes contain a lot of THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) that are known for its psychoactive properties (becoming high).

Hemp, on the other hand, comes from cannabis plants that only contain traces of THC.

This plant is mainly grown for industrial applications. Because this plant usually contains less than 0.2% THC, it is legal to sell, buy, consume and ship.

What is CBD oil then?

Now that we know the difference between cannabis and hemp, we continue with CBD. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol is one of the 113 known substances of the cannabis plant. In addition to CBD, THC is a better known substance from this plant, which many use to get a high feeling.

You could consider CBD as the brother of THC. However, you will not be high from CBD.

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant in almost all cases, because the hemp plant contains sufficient CBD and a negligible percentage of THC. Moreover, the hemp plant is legal, so there are no obstacles in that respect.

If you buy CBD oil from a reliable source, you can assume that you will never get high. Good CBD oil, such as from our manufacturers, contains only pure CBD or CBD and a number of other cannabinoids.

For the last variant, the percentage of THC is always so low (less than 0.2%) that you do not notice it at all.

You will therefore never get high from CBD oil.

People use CBD oil for different purposes.

That is not for nothing, because CBD has attracted more and more attention in recent years.

There is plenty of research into the substance.

Unfortunately, we can not share experiences from our customers with CBD. We would like to give you information about this, but unfortunately it is in violation of the law.

We can, however, explain to you what CBD is, so that you get more insight into this and you understand why CBD is so interested.

Endocannabinoid system

If you have read the information above, you know that CBD is a cannabinoid.

In the 1990s scientists discovered how cannabinoids work exactly.

The human body makes cannabinoids itself. These cannabinoids are very similar to the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

The body’s own cannabinoids are produced by the so-called endocannabinoid system.

Moreover, the scientists discovered that this system regulates a number of important bodily functions.

You can think of the following functions:

  • sleep Pattern
  • Stemming
  • Memory
  • Pain perception
  • Immune system
  • motorcycles
  • Appetite

As you may understand, these are very important bodily functions.

Cannabinoids are therefore essential for our body and our health.

The ratio of endocannabinoids can be disrupted due to various causes. CBD can help to restore this balance.

As explained, your brain makes the cannabinoids via the endocannabinoid system.

Your body’s cannabinoids then interact with specific receptors in your body.

Simply explained, this means that the cannabinoids go to certain places in your body, where a certain effect then occurs.

For example, a cannabinoid can ensure the healing of a diseased cell in your body.

Because CBD is also a cannabinoid and is very similar to your body’s own cannabinoids, CBD can work together with your body in the same way.

CBD also does this in a special way.

According to scientists, CBD ensures that the receptors in your body work optimally.

CBD therefore helps, for example, the absorption of your body’s own cannabinoids.

And as you have read, cannabinoids are essential for our bodies.

That is why we think it is only logical that CBD is so much in the spotlight in recent years.

Difference CBD oil and weed oil

In addition to CBD oil, we also talk about cannabis oil or THC oil, cannabis oil, hemp oil or Rick Simpson oil.

Is that the same? The answer to that is: no. CBD oil contains only minor traces of THC (less than 0.2%) while on average cannabis oil contains between 1% and 8% THC.


Is CBD legal?

This is indeed the case in most European countries (such as the Netherlands).

Due to the low percentage of THC in CBD oil, it is not included in the Opium Act and may therefore be freely traded and used in the Netherlands.

How do I use it?

CBD can be administered in various forms.

The most common forms are oil, pasta and capsules, but there is also chewing gum and even body butter with CBD.

The oil is usually dripped under the tongue after which it is absorbed in the body within half an hour.

The pasta is also taken under the tongue.

You can also mix the oil and pasta with your food and soak it in.

Especially for people who have trouble with the bitter (after) taste of the natural oil, capsules are a great solution.

Many capsules are also used by people who travel frequently or on the road.

How do you find reliable CBD oil?

If you are interested in CBD oil after reading our information, you can contact us for CBD oil of a good, honest and reliable quality.

We select our products at the best quality and only work with manufacturers who can guarantee this.

For example, the products of our suppliers are always extensively tested by various research agencies.

The reports of this are freely available.

You can therefore safely assume that our products are safe and contain exactly the specified ingredients.

So, if you are interested in CBD oil, take a look in trusted webshop.

Which strength?

CBD oil can often be found in strengths of 2.5% to 18%.

This is the concentration of the CBD in the entire liquid. At a strength of 2.5%, 250 ml of CBD (cannabidiol) is contained in a 10-ml jar.

We recommend the 2.5% strength for children and pets.

The average concentration is 5%.

If you need a stronger concentration, we can also provide you with 10% or even higher concentrations.

The product with the highest concentration of CBD is the Endoca CBD Pasta. This product contains no less than 30% CBD.

Which dosage?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this.

The correct dosage varies per person.

As just discussed, there are also different concentrations that change the dosage.

An instruction manual is supplied with all CBD oils.

Our advice is to use the recommended dose and possibly adjust the dose according to your own experience and personal reaction.

If after a number of increases your need has not yet been met, the advice is to use a product with a higher CBD content.

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