It has been proven: shopping is healthy.

But it is less favorable for your wallet.

And that is annoying because as we showed earlier: there is always a reason to shop.

But, do not panic! With these tips you can smartly shop and keep your money over.

Go back during sale

How frustrating: you have bought a fantastic skirt / pants / sweater / jacket and a week later it is half the price between the sale items.

If you still have the receipt (and the item looks as good as new) you can go back to the store and reclaim the difference.

If you have not worn the item yet, and the card is still attached, you are also entitled to this as a customer (provided you return with the item within two weeks).

Focus on certain items

Besides that it obviously works very well to only buy items that you really need, you can save extra on certain items. Think for example of jackets or a little black dress.

These items last a long time and you should be able to wear them at any time, so you can simply purchase them from the previous collection (and therefore much cheaper!).


Avoid trend-sensitive items that you probably will not wear after a while. Waste of your money..

Become friends with a sales employee

Super convenient, an  inside source.


He or she knows exactly when the sale starts and where the bargains are. If you are really big friends, you may even use his or her employee discount.

Sign up for newsletters

Many shops and web shops regularly organize something for their regular customers.

Think of a  shopping night  where you can score the newest items with a big discount, or you can shop as a regular customer during the sale.

Look for discount codes

Bargain hunters are happy to help each other.

That is why there are regular discount codes on the internet for all kinds of web shops.

Just google so before you count online!

Follow your favorite (web) stores on social media

Your favorite (web) store is definitely busy collecting followers and  likes for social media.

And there are often nice actions involved! Discount codes, offers or an  early sale : you are the first to know!

Ask for a discount

Is an item damaged, but is it still recoverable?

Then it is worth asking for a discount.

If you are a little handy yourself, it costs you nothing to make it. And otherwise you look at your mother.

Deals down below

Especially supermarkets are good at it: the most expensive products are at eye level, the cheapest are at the bottom.

It is therefore worthwhile to lower your knees! But clothing stores also work according to the principle: if you want cheaper, you have to make an effort.

The most expensive items are in sight, in places where everyone walks by. So do not forget the afterwards corners and high shelves!

Sample sales

Twice a year the  sample sale is time. This means that brands sell the collections they use for the marketing season or the press lending for small prices (for example 25% of the sales price).

Very interesting!

There are various forums that keep track of where and when the  sample sales  are, but brands often communicate this via their own social media.

Another reason to follow your favorite brand! is your best friend


Wwe regularly collect good bargains for you, we show you the nicest / finest / most beautiful brands and we also explain to you how you can wear your latest acquisitions. Pretty nice, right?